5 Artsy Adventures in Madison County, NC

Published Oct. 26, 2021

Be inspired by the incredible art that exists in Madison County, North Carolina. If you’re in Asheville, you won’t want to miss coming up to Madison County where there are an abundance of opportunities to enjoy creativity and hard work. Want to see live music? We have you covered. Learn from an expert artist? See our recommendations. Or how about just admire some incredible art at a gallery? Below is our list comprised of 5 artsy adventures in Madison County, NC!

Visit a Gallery

Ever lose yourself just looking at a painting, sculpture or other work of art? We know we have. Sometimes reflecting on and admiring the dedication and creativity of an artist can inspire and evoke deep emotions and connection within.

Just north of Asheville in Madison County, NC is a world of breathtaking art. Home to a number of art galleries, click below to learn more and plan your trip.

Find out more about galleries in Madison County, NC

Check out an artist’s studio

Looking to get a more hands-on experience with art? Visit one several working artist studios in Madison County that are open to visitors. Learn about the process and technique straight from the artist and develop a new appreciation for the artform.

What’s your craft? Learn from an expert and grow your own ability at one of several artist studios in Madison County, NC.

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See a play or musical

“To be, or not to be, that is the question.” Are you looking to enjoy a live theatrical production right here in the mountains? You’re in luck. The Owen Theatre in Mars Hill has regular performances from a selection of talented groups.

Make your next date night memorable with dinner and performance at the Owen Theater in Mars Hill.

Find out more about the Owen theatre

Mars Hill First Fridays

The first Friday of the month is the perfect night for a date night in Mars Hill. Come out to downtown Mars Hill where businesses are open until 8pm and musicians dot the downtown scene. Be sure to grab a First Fridays punch card at one of the local businesses for your chance to win a prize! All you have to do is visit 4+ businesses in downtown Mars Hill, get your card punched and you’ll be submitted to win a prize from the monthly spotlighted business!

First Fridays in Mars Hill is a great way to enjoy your Friday evening. Grab some food, listen to some live music and pop into some of the awesome shops in downtown Mars Hill!

Visit the First Fridays Facebook page to plan your visit

Marshall Third Thursdays

Marshall is a haven for artists and you need to come out to Third Thursdays to see why. The downtown strip is peppered with open shops, galleries and studios where visitors can come in and admire the amazing art.

Just 25 minutes outside of Asheville, Marshall’s Third Thursdays is a great night out with friends and family. This is a regular event you’ll want to come out to again and again.

Visit the Third Thursdays Facebook page to plan your visit