Hot Springs Restaurants

Enjoy the quiet mountains or the gentle babbling sounds of the French Broad River and Spring Creek during your next vacation in Hot Springs! There’s nothing better than grabbing some grub after a long day of hiking, exploring and relaxing in this fantastic, remote town in the mountains.

Outside the city of Asheville, North Carolina there’s an abundance of natural beauty and peaceful mountain living. Even better, all the restaurants in Hot Springs are locally owned and not a single chain restaurant can be found. The quaint town of Hot Springs is a popular getaway for every kind of adventurer and the excellent restaurants in town will elevate your stay to the next level.

“Food and service were absolutely incredible. It was a random decision to eat here and we loved every minute of it. Excellent menu options for dietary needs (I’m vegetarian) the mozzarella sticks were amazing, you have to try the honey soy salad dressing and the sweet potato fries. We were blew away by the portion of food and service we received. This is going to become a regular spot for us from now on totally worth the drive. The atmosphere was quite cozy but unique at the same time. We left full and happy and continued to talk about this place the rest of the day.

-Shana F. (about Iron Horse Station)

Restaurants in Hot Springs

Big Pillow Brewing

Enjoy a refreshing cold beer and tacos at this friendly outdoor venue in Downtown Hot Springs. Big Pillow is a great spot to unwind, has weekly game nights and frequently has live music! Find out more

Dave’s 209

Dave’s makes a burger that will leave you licking your fingers with satisfaction! The fries are offered with two signature toppings, The Mountain dust, and Bacon Dust! Find out more

Iron Horse Station

After a long day of hiking in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains there is nothing better than a cold beer and some delicious southern comfort cuisine. Find out more

Smoky Mountain Diner

Get your grits, gravy and fried foods here! If you’re looking for some southern comfort food in Hot Springs, look no further than the Smoky Mountain Diner. Find out more

Spring Creek Tavern

Listen to the relaxing burble of Spring Creek as you sip on your next local brew at the Spring Creek Tavern. Find out more

Trust General Store & Cafe

Step into a haven where every sip and bite is infused with comfort and care at the Trust General Store & Cafe. Find out more

Vaste Riviere Provisions

Take a load off and enjoy some European delicacies, gourmet groceries and local products at Vaste Riviere Provisions. Find out more

Vinyl Pies Pizza

Have a slice of some rockin’ pizza while enjoying some classic tunes at this fun pizza restaurant in downtown Hot Springs! Find out more

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Restaurants in Marshall

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Restaurants in Mars Hill

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The Grasslands Mountain Observatory

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Places to stay in Hot Springs

Get out of that city noise and relax in the rural mountains of North Carolina. Hot Springs, NC is home to a huge range of cabin rentals and other accommodations for your perfect getaway. Find out more