Dave’s 209

We are food lovers first; riding bikes comes a close second. Where better to do both than in the high Smoky Mountains on a curvy stretch of road known as the Rattler. With over 200 turns and across two large mountains, it is an amazing ride. Right in the center you will find a 2 mile straightaway. The perfect place to stretch your legs. Dave’s 209 is right in the middle of that stretch.

We offer free WiFi, games to play, amazing food, milkshakes, and a view that some people pay big bucks to see! Dave’s makes a burger that will leave you licking your fingers with satisfaction! The fries are offered with two signature toppings, The Mountain dust, and Bacon Dust! Now if you’re not already on the bike headed over; how about a strawberry milkshake with real strawberries added?

We source local products to encourage the local agriculture, this is farm land. Dave’s knows the importance of showing support to local aggies and farms. We also offer catering and birthday packages!

If you ride over, know we have a motorcycle parking pad for our two wheel friends to park.