The Outdoors

Get lost in nature

Madison County is home to an abundance of outdoor opportunities for every kind of adventurer. Enjoy the fresh mountain air as you leave the sounds of the city behind you. Let the chirping of birds, burbling of creeks and rustling of leaves be the soundtrack for your next vacation in beautiful Madison County, North Carolina.

What makes you feel alive? Do you want to hike on the famous Appalachian Trail? Or zipline through the treetops? How about white-water rafting down the mighty French Broad River? All this and more is available in Madison County to fulfill your outdoor passions.

Additionally, Madison County is well-known for being home to one of the most beautiful sections of the Appalachian Trail, having some of the most iconic vistas in all of the Appalachian Mountains including Max Patch, Big Firescald Knob and Big Bald! Come have some fun in “Asheville’s backyard” and experience the adventure that awaits you in Madison County.

*A note for outdoor adventurers*

Respecting nature is an essential responsibility we bear as inhabitants of this planet. By treating nature with reverence and care, we acknowledge its intrinsic value and the profound impact it has on our lives. It involves mindful consumption, minimizing waste, and adopting eco-friendly alternatives. Embracing nature’s beauty and power, we strive to preserve its pristine landscapes, clean air, and pure waters for future generations. Please be mindful when hiking our trails, rafting our rivers and exploring our beautiful mountains. Please leave no trace and respect the nature of Madison County, North Carolina during your visit. Click here to find out more about respecting nature in Madison County, NC.

The Appalachian Trail awaits you, as well as an assortment of amazing day-hikes, in our beautiful Appalachian Mountains. Find out more

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Splash into your next adventure while rafting down the mighty French Broad River in Madison County. Find out more

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Zip through the canopy and down mountainous slopes. You have never experienced the mountains like this. Find out more

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Fore! Bask in the beauty of the mountains while enjoying a challenging round of golf. Find out more

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Saddle up and experience the mountains in a way you never have before. Let a majestic horse carry you up and down the slopes of our mountains. Find out more