Nature is calling! And it can sound like a tweet, squawk, chirp or maybe a hoot. Bird enthusiasts keep a keen eye on on the Appalachian Mountains because it has an abundance of unique wildlife, and in particular, birds. The Pisgah National Forest in Madison County is home hundreds of species of birds and if you’re lucky you may be able to spot many of them.

Whether you’re a expert bird spotter or new to the hobby, you won’t be disappointed by taking a trip to Madison County, North Carolina. Just 20 minutes north of Asheville, Madison County is home to the Appalachian Trail and extremely remote forests. Grab a birding brochure and see how many you can find!

“This brochure was a hoot! We took it with us on our hikes and a had a great time identifying all the birds we saw. The checklist made it feel like a treasure hunt!

-Charlotte S.

Birding in Madison County, NC

Birding Brochure

Put your bird identification skills to the test in Madison County with one of these excellent birding brochures. These brochures discuss the many birding locations in Madison County as well as have a comprehensive list of the birds that can be found here. Find out more

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Hiking in Madison County

Check out all the fantastic hikes in Madison County! Whether, you’re looking for a short hike on the Appalachian Trail or scenic hike along the river, you’ll love the many hikes in Madison County. Find out more