Madison County itself is rich in history from the times of the Cherokee Indians through the colonial settlers and into the Civil War. The County seat boasts a courthouse that is over 100 years old which was designed by the architect of the Biltmore House. And, when you drive out through the rural areas, there is evidence of the important role played in education, medical, and craft history. Trace its history of prosperity as a major route along the French Broad River from the time of the Drovers’ Road through the era of the Railroad. Find out more

Madison County has a wealth of agritourism opportunities to indulge in. Come check out a working farm, learn about the lengthy history of agriculture or pop by a farmer’s market and enjoy some farm-fresh produce. Find out more

Burley Tobacco was the #1 crop in Madison County in the mid 1900s, as is evident by the over 10,000 barns on the miles of rural roads. There are many ways to explore and record our agricultural history through the stories about such barns. Find out more

Explore the role Madison County had in the US civil war or observe a reenactment in Hot Springs, NC. Find out more

Step into history at one of the Museums located in Madison County and learn about the rich culture and fascinating details of our past. Find out more

Discover the deep musical heritage in Madison County that still persists to this day with the abundance of dedicated musicians and traditional music. Find out more