Visit a Farm

Feeling the call of nature tugging at your mind? City-living can get exhausting with the constant commotion of people, cars and city noise. The best remedy is some fresh air in the country.

Just outside of Asheville, come pick berries, cut your own Christmas tree or experience farm life at one at these amazing Madison County venues. Some of our farms allow visitors to spend the night and get “hands-on” insight with the many chores of maintaining a farm.

“We had a lovely time. The owner is very friendly and very knowledgeable. The farm is gorgeous. The kids got to feed the fish in the pond, feed the sheep and collect eggs.”

-Arielle L.

Visit a farm in Madison County, NC

Appleberry Cove Farm

Get a taste of country living at this small family farm outside the town of Mars Hill, NC. This adorable farm has dairy goats, chickens, ducks, geese, and peafowl, small gardens with veggies, herbs, and fruits. Come by and enjoy!

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The Berry Farm

Located near Marshall, this beautiful farm is a gorgeous property to achieve the berry-picking experience. Come on out and pick some berries at this fabulous farm located in Marshall, NC. Baskets provided!

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Bluff Mountain Nursery

Enjoy the fresh mountain air at this family owned and operated farm in Hot Springs, NC. The Bluff Mountain Nursery manages several greenhouses in which a variety of plants are grown. Spend the night! This farm also has an attractive rental cabin, The Rosemary, for a unique vacation experience.

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Broadwing Farm

Take in all that Hot Springs, NC has to offer by visiting Broadwing Farm. This organic farm has rental cabins with hot tubs and the owners always try to grow an abundance of crops to share with their guests. The cabins overlook the town of Hot Springs as well as the French Broad River, you won’t want to miss a visit to Broadwing Farm.

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East Fork Farm

This picturesque farm is the epitome of rural life in the Appalachian Mountains. East Fork Farm specializes in raising healthy meats. On the farm, there’s grassfed lamb, beef and pork, pastured poultry for meat and eggs, farm raised rabbits, pond raised trout, and there’s a gristmill to grind corn. You’ll love your visit to this farm, you can even stay in one of their cottages!

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Frosty Mountain Christmas Trees

Capture the special moment where you cut down your own Christmas tree at Frosty Mountain Christmas Trees. The farm produces Fraser Fir Christmas trees for both wholesale and choose-and-cut customers. This beautiful property is surrounded by hillsides of trees and fields with cows, goats, geese, deer, and horses.

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Llamas of Hot Springs

Llamas of Hot Springs brings a unique charm to every visitor’s experience. Whether you’re there for a relaxing trek through scenic trails or simply to visit the farm, their llamas are always ready to greet you with their gentle demeanor and curious personalities. Let their llamas show you why Hot Springs is not just a place, but an unforgettable adventure!

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Rare Bird Farm

Enjoy the sweet tunes of live music on a beautiful mountain farm. Rare Bird Farm offers regular performances by an eclectic array of talented musicians. Find out more

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