Hot Springs Resort & Spa

Take a load off. Listen to the birds chirping. Breathe that fresh mountain air. Hear the burble of the river, and sink into the mineral water of the natural hot springs at the Hot Springs Resort & Spa.

Located in downtown Hot Springs, North Carolina, the water is heated deep in the earth and is believed to have special healing properties. The water is pumped up into outdoor spa tubs where visitors will be delighted to enjoy the warm water while in a private outdoor setting. Soaking in the mineral water at the Hot Springs Resort & Spa is the perfect way to relax and de-stress.

Whether you’re treating a health problem or simply relaxing in the hot waters of the natural mineral baths, the health-giving properties of this resort’s hot mineral waters have been famous since 1778. For avid hikers and outdoor-enthusiasts, having a hot soak in these outdoor tubs is the perfect way to end a long day.

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“We opted for the private baths and we’re not disappointed. We had a nice view of part of the river, but felt nicely secluded. The whirlpools are freshly filled for each client with comfortably warm/hot natural spring water. Can’t vouch for any healing properties, but the relaxation factor is excellent. Friendly and capable staff is a big plus. They are great.”

David S.

“My husband brought me here for a romantic getaway date. The tubs are filled with mineral waters from a nearby hot springs. They give you total privacy and you can bring your own food, drinks and towels. I enjoyed this date night so much I can’t wait to go back. The husband really hit it out of the ballpark with this one, we have 3 kiddos at home and I am a stay at home mom so the privacy, seclusion, peace and quiet was exactly what this momma needed.”

-Michelle N.