Hot Springs

Hot Springs is a quiet and beautiful town in the north western corner of Madison County and just 45 minutes north west of Asheville. Hot Springs is well-known for it’s abundance of natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities. Hot Springs is where locals and tourists go to relax and take in nature. Further still, Hot Springs is one of only a few towns in the United States that the Appalachian Trail literally runs through. Hot Springs is an important stop along the historic trail and is a haven for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Not only does the town have natural beauty, but it also has rich music heritage as well as a place in the history of current-day Warren Wilson College in nearby Asheville. To add to that, there is fascinating history with a skirmish during the Civil War and an Internment Camp during World War I.

Need to get away for some alone time or need to find a place for you and all your friends? Hot Springs is the perfect destination to lose yourself in the great outdoors and enjoy some peace.

There are a huge number of available rental cabins in the Hot Springs area that many folk continue to visit again and again in our beautiful mountains.

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What are you in the mood for? Looking to grab a beer? Or maybe you’re hankering for some country cookin’ from a local joint? Hot Springs has an array of fantastic restaurants to choose from that is sure to satisfy whatever you are craving.

If you just need a quick snack before you start your adventure, Hot Springs has you covered too. Several eateries are ready to fuel you up before you head out!

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