The Arts

Art comes in many forms

Passion can manifest in many ways. The precision of a brush stroke, the delicate curves of a ceramic piece or perhaps the spot-on complimentary hue are what transform a work of art into a masterpiece. The artists that inhabit Appalachia know this and it’s this hunger for perfection that drives the incredible talent in this region. Whether it’s the fine arts, the abstract, wood-working, music or clog dancing, Madison County prides itself on having a wide range of incredible artists.

The Artist community is ever growing in Madison County and it’s easy to see why. Inspiration is everywhere in our county and all artistic outlets are welcome. Western North Carolina has long been home to many artists looking to perfect their crafts and visitors can appreciate the pieces in the many galleries, studios and performance venues.

There are ample opportunities to get involved or admire the work of local artists so come and take a look!

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Madison County has been home to a rich assortment of music that has been passed down through generations and that are still remembered and performed today. Find out more

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