Camping and Cabins in Madison County, NC

Published August 22, 2021

The summer’s nearly over but there’s still time to go camping and enjoy the outdoors! We know camping isn’t for everyone, that’s why we wanted to share the several kinds of camping or cabin experiences you can unwind with in Madison County. Take a look! 


Madison County is home to several excellent campgrounds to enjoy. Whether you’ve got an RV or want to do some tent camping you can find it in Madison County. Enjoy the sounds of the burbling rivers and nature as you get away from your screens and take advantage of the natural beauty all around us in the Appalachian Mountains. For more information about the campgrounds in Madison County check out our page here.

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Appalachian Trail Shelters

For adventurers looking for the ultimate outdoorsy camping experience, you’re in luck! The Madison County section of the Appalachian Trail has several incredible Appalachian Trail shelters that will take campers deep into nature. Caution – these shelters are in remote locations. Resources and cell service is limited.

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Cabin Rentals

Maybe a rugged camping experience isn’t quite what you’re looking for but you want to get out, unplug and enjoy nature. Fortunately for you, Madison County has TONS of cabin rentals that offer private jacuzzis, mountain views, quiet forest serenity and more! Check out our accommodations page to find the perfect cabin for your next getaway!

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