Creek View Studio

Art has no bounds, discover the impressive work of Bill Weldner as he explores the extremes around us. 

After a teaching career both at the high school and college levels, Bill Weldner moved to Madison County and settled in the beautiful Spring Creek area to paint for pleasure. His Spirit Series paintings illustrate Bill’s philosophical thoughts on the balance between polar opposites. This is brought out both in the subject matter and the technique. The location of his studio, a short drive from the Appalachian Trail, fuels his inspiration.

Exceptional painting takes years of dedicated practice and Bill Weldner’s collection speaks volumes about his commitment to art. His command of color highlights his deep knowledge of visual expression and his work keeps art-enthusiasts mesmerized. His use of space on each piece contrasts with darker elements that will captivate onlookers.

He is also a talented photographer who captures the beauty of the mountains and shorelife, altering photos using photoshop to make extremely beautiful images.

Even non-artsy folk can admire Weldner’s work. The amount of care he dedicates to his craft displays his dedication to expression and ideas. The varying elements contrasting the canvases and images evoke complex emotions and raise bold questions. Local painters are invited to gather at his studio twice a month in casual discussion groups. Visitors are welcome to visit his studio by appointment.