Mars Landing Galleries

Mars Landing Galleries brings together a collection of fantastic local artists that each individually explore the depths of their creative mediums. Located in the quaint town of Mars Hill, the gallery boasts incredible works of art from extremely talented and diverse creators. From pottery, abstract paintings, photography, jewelry and everything in between, this art gallery has something for every curious art-lover.

In addition to having many exhibit spaces to showcase artists, there are also several studio spaces where you may be able to catch a glimpse into the mind and process for these works.

But wait there’s more! Enjoy some tasty ice cream treats from Meadowsweet Creamery who has a convenient shop located inside Mars Landing Galleries. Come try one of their homemade ice cream sandwiches!

Mars Landing Galleries is an awesome destination for art enthusiasts and a perfect stop on your next visit to Mars Hill.

For more information about Mars Landing Galleries and to plan your visit check out the website linked below.

“We had an excellent time at this great gallery in Mars Hill. Super convenient to the Mars Hill downtown strip, the Mars Landing Galleries shows a diverse and incredible collection.”

-Alyssa P.