Mudluscious Pottery

Lose yourself in the passionate and down-to-earth crafts at Mudluscious Pottery. Cindy Trisler, the artist behind the wheel, describes the first time she sat down behind a pottery wheel as “magical”. She instantly was fascinated by this unique art form and since then honed her skills to become an expert potter.

Cindy makes an assortment of different pottery pieces, many of which are intended for functional ware such as bowls, mugs, cups and plates. The clays and glazes she uses are food-safe. Most pieces are microwavable, dishwasher-safe and may be used in a conventional oven.

Mudluscious Pottery has a style that is friendly and attractive. These pieces look fantastic in any kitchen and also make excellent gifts. The homemade care from a local, passionate artist makes them all that much more appealing. 

Enjoy some of Cindy’s more whimsical pieces as well. Cindy creates adorable rooster salt shakers and cute face-mugs. If you’re looking for some fun ceramic decorations for your yard be sure to take a look at her ceramic perennial flowers too!

New to pottery? Sign up for a lesson at Mudluscious Pottery! Cindy offers private lessons that will help develop your technique. For more information, to sign up for a lesson or to view her studio and gallery in-person please visit the link below.