Parmentier Pottery

See pottery masters in action! Jim and Shirl Parmentier have been full-time studio potters since 1979 and their exceptional portfolio of creative and functional pieces is highly respected and treasured.  Their home and studio is located in the mountains of Madison County and is available by appointment for viewing.

Their work has been displayed at nationally juried shows and at fine craft galleries. Their handmade lamps and other functional ceramics are always available at Ariel Gallery in Asheville, NC. Ariel Gallery is known to be one of the most prestigious co-operative galleries in the country.

Both Jim and Shirl Parmentier work on every piece together whether it is the carving, the designing or anything in between. The pieces are truly works of art and the handmade care put into each piece is mesmerizing. All of the Parmentier’s work is made using their own custom high-fire stoneware clay. Each piece is altered using various tools to get to its final shape, and, at the proper stage of drying, the surface is carved.

Located near Mars Hill, the Parmentier Pottery studio is a delightful stop for pottery enthusiasts who want to see masters at work.

To schedule an appointment, reach out to Jim and Shirl Parmentier on their website link below.

“A really unusual piece of ceramic art. The process for making the same is very involved and must be a real labor of love. We love it.”

“The lamp fits perfectly and adds just the right touch, profile and amount of light, when needed. It has character that blends and compliments along with other items. Very pleased with the art work and so glad I was exploring the site and found what I was looking for.”