River Road Ride

14 Miles

Be sure your bike is equipped with tires durable enough for gravel road. Park in downtown Hot Springs and begin this relaxing run by heading north over the bridge where you’ll make a left onto Silver Mine Road which turns into River Road.

River Road hugs the French Broad River and is on paved road for the first 3 miles. As the road takes riders further away from Hot Springs cyclists will find themselves sandwiched between beautiful mountains and the river. With very little traffic, riders can comfortably cruise along the river on this tranquil route.

Soon enough, the road turns to gravel for nearly 4 miles where riders eventually reach the Paint Creek corridor. From here, riders may continue and do the Paint Creek Loop or turn around and begin their return to Hot Springs on the same road.

This is a kind of ride that can be done at any time of the day but is especially peaceful in the mornings. The gravel section of the River Road ride is well-known for accommodating an extremely diverse population of butterflies so keep your eyes open!

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