3 more great spots to see fall color in Madison County, NC

Published October 13, 2023

Madison County, North Carolina, is a hidden gem of fall beauty. As the air turns crisp and the leaves begin their vibrant transformation, this stunning region offers a front-row seat to one of nature’s most awe-inspiring performances. So grab your camera, don your coziest sweater, and join us on a journey to discover three incredible locations to view the breathtaking fall colors in Madison County!

Laurel River Trail

What sets the Laurel River Trail apart is its accessibility for hikers of all levels. Whether you’re a casual stroller or a more experienced outdoors enthusiast, this trail offers a perfect balance of ease and beauty. It’s an excellent choice for families, solo explorers, and anyone looking to embrace the seasonal magic of autumn without the need for strenuous hiking.

The Laurel River Trail is an idyllic spot to savor the simple joys of fall, where the symphony of rustling leaves and the vibrant colors of the forest come together to create unforgettable memories of the season’s beauty.

Laurel River Trail

Big Bald

If you’re in search of a place where you can truly immerse yourself in the brilliance of nature’s autumn palette, Big Bald stands as a testament to the sheer beauty and grandeur of fall in North Carolina. The catch? You’ll need to hike 6 miles to enjoy these views.

Big Bald is located on the Appalachian Trail just north of Mars Hill, North Carolina. Start this big and challenging hike at Sam’s Gap and be sure to pack lots of snacks and water for this hike!

Big Bald Hike

Lover’s Leap

The overlook at Lover’s Leap provides a captivating view of the French Broad River winding through a colorful valley, and the sight of vibrant trees stretching as far as the eye can see will leave you breathless. Whether you’re in search of a romantic escape or a peaceful autumn retreat, Lover’s Leap Trail is a destination that beautifully captures the essence of fall in North Carolina.

This short hike just outside of Hot Springs, NC is perfect for your next day out in nature. Located on the Appalachian Trail, this hike will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Lover’s Leap Hike

Photo by @therangerstation_nc on Instagram