Spend a day in Madison County

May 23, 2022

Want to make the most out of your weekends this summer? The Appalachian Mountains in Western North Carolina are the perfect getaway for exploring the outdoors and everything this region has to offer. These mountains are home to a huge assortment of incredible experiences, food to taste, drinks to sip, music to hear and fun to be had!

Just outside of Asheville, North Carolina, come get a real taste of Western North Carolina in beautiful Madison County. Below are some of our recommendations for some fun day-trips that are perfect for weekend activities and day-trips this summer!

Hike and relax in the Hot Springs Spa

Madison County is home to over 100 miles of hiking trails and even has the famous Appalachian Trail cutting across our entire county. If the sun is shining and you’re itching to get out in nature, come check out the extensive list of awesome hikes in Madison County. There’s a wide range of hikes for all kinds of experience levels. Take a look at the below link to find the perfect hike for you!

Hikes in Madison County, NC

All tired out from hiking? Grab a cold beverage of your choice and jump into a tub at the Hot Springs Resort and Spa! These tubs, located right on the French Broad River, are pumped with mineral water from the natural hot springs that will release all the tension in your muscles from a long day of hiking in the Appalachian Mountains.

Hot Springs Spa and Resort

Fishing and drinks at a brewery

Grab a rod and try your luck on one of the excellent fishing waters in Madison County. With several hatchery-supported bodies of water to fish at, anglers of all experience levels love coming to Madison County to catch trout, bass or even bigger fish on the French Broad River. Check out some great spots to fish below.

Fishing in Madison County

After a long day of fishing why not grab a cold one at one of the excellent breweries or “watering holes” in Madison County. Whether you’re looking for an exclusive, local craft beer or a nice bottle of wine you’ll find it here!

Bars/Restaurants in:

Attend a festival

Have a great time at one of the annual festivals that take place in Madison County. Many of our festivals celebrate the cultural heritage of the region and include vibrant local music. Or others, for example Trailfest, simply celebrate the outdoors of Madison County and all the amazing trails we have access to.

Take a look at our annual events page to see what festivals and/or events you can attend on your next visit.

Festivals and events

Brunch and art gallery hopping

Maybe you’re not in the mood to lose yourself in nature, and that’s fine! How about eating a delicious brunch and then visiting some incredible local art galleries. Count us in! There are a number of restaurants in the county that have an excellent brunch menu where you can get the classic brunch experience. Avocado toast and mimosas anyone?

Restaurants in:

Spend some time digesting your brunch while digesting some amazing art at the many art galleries located throughout Madison County! You’ll find every medium of art here including woodworking, fine arts, sculpture, pottery and everything in between. Check out the many galleries in Madison County at the link below.

Galleries in Madison County

Restaurants and live music

How about a relaxing date night dinner with some live music to top it off? Madison County has you covered. There’s a large assortment of restaurants and you’re sure to find exactly the kind of meal you’re craving. Take a look at the restaurants in Madison County below.

Restaurants in:

After dinner you can find live music nearly every night in Madison County. From live bluegrass, acoustic singer-songwriters, jazz, rock bands and everything else you’ll be able to find it at one of several live music venues located throughout the county.

Live music in Madison County